Tyreke Evans should not be bought out.

February 10, 2018

Memphis Grizzlies turned done second round picks and more so they could buy him out and offer him to their competitors for nothing.


It will not help the ‘tank’ anyway.

Tyreke Evans is averaging 19pts 5rebs and 5asts at 28 years old. This is the kind of player you resign, not give away. Shut him down early and get his signature.

Memphis can bounce back straight away next season with the return of Mike Conley and a high  NBA draft pick. If they can somehow get a late to mid first round pick, they are a playoff team again.

Players on their list will be Luka Doncic and Miles Bridges. Players who are more seasoned than a ‘one and done’ rookie. If they luck out and get a top three pick, then Ayton or Bagley and a full team blow up should be considered. This year’s 2018 draft, has flat out obvious hidden gems.


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