Top 5 NBA Rookies

October 25, 2018

The top 5 Rookies at the moment. If Luka is No1 who are your other four NBA Rookies?

  1. Luka Doncic 18.3pts 4.3rebs 5.7asts (not even close)
  2. DeAndre Ayton 14.3pts 10.7rebs
  3. Trae Young 21.5pts 7.5asts
  4. Jaren Jackson 15pts 6.3rebs 1asts
  5. Marvin Bagley 14.5pts 7.3rebs 1.5blks

Bamba is on a poor organization!
Mo Bamba 4.5pts 4.5rebs 2blksAverages source ESPN correct at time of writing.

Luka Doncic

This European is by far the most accomplished and the eye test places him way above other rookies. His lack of quickness does not appear to matter on the Bigger NBA courts. It takes longer to help of other defenders in a spaced out league.

Trae Young

Like Luka the spaced out league is helping him a lot when weapons are added to the Hawks he will average close to ten assists per game.

Jaren Jackson

I did not hold as much hope for this player. The NBA is not the greatest at developing players. Most NBA development has to take place in the offseason. He has a pivotal role as a starter for Memphis who hope to bounce back straight into the playoffs. He has the most crucial role, being a starter on a Playoff contender, but his rawness makes believe his upside will be limited as the NBA just is not a great place to develop skills.

DeAndre Ayton

His offense is great. The freedom he will have done low could change the league. If he continues as he is and the Suns get a good Point Guard the league will have to solve Embiid and this Guy before championships are won. This is a possibility in about seven years if and only if he improves. The suns might be happy if he played in his current form for the rest of his career.

Marvin Bagley

He is another problem, expect him to finish the season as a permanent starter.
The Kings may have another top pick if everything falls their way this year, Fox, Bagley and a top pick next year could represent the 3 headed monster the NBA feel it needs to conquer all.

Mo Bamba has shown a glimpse of great defense and good shooting, the Magic suck as an organization nothing more needs to be said about them.

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