Top 5 most beloved NBA players Derrick Rose

November 9, 2018
1) Derrick Rose
2) Lebron James
3) Stephen Curry/Kyrie Irving.
4) Giannis Antetokounmpo
5) James Harden
Honourable mention Russell Westbrook. Russell Westbrook fans are faithful to him. Russell’s weaknesses are the stuff that stops him from ultimately winning. His supporters do not care and will follow him no matter what.
5) James Harden his fans are bittersweet, they swear his defence is elite, but always seems to fail when it really matters. The leagues best scoring guard, yes better than Stephen Curry, he scores in more ways than Curry. It is the conflict between Curry and Harden fans which shoes how beloved he is.
4) Gianni’s fans are global, and most neutral fans love this guy, he is too young to have done anything too wrong and never is associated with bad headlines. Giannis is popular!
3) Stephen Curry has probably the most annoying fans in the world, only one group of fans in the NBA can compete. Can you guess!
3) Kyrie Irving is still Uncle Drew, and all the Stephen Curry haters love him.
2) Lebron James, Lebron has more haters than lovers sadly. Due to Kobe fans, who are offended with the idea of him being a more effective basketball player. Guess what I one of those Kobe fans. To be honest, Lebron is one of the most entertaining players to watch. He scores more than he misses. The only problem I have is that at his peak several players execute skills better than him. His beloved fans will not hear anything other than he is better than Jordan.

1) Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose Minnesota Timberwolves

Derrick Rose Minnesota Timberwolves

He has returned! To return to the effectiveness from before some injuries. Some of the injuries came because of his playing style and sometimes due to quick returns. No one really thought he could reach the heights he is playing at now.

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