Three NBA players that need a big Season!

October 20, 2018

Zach Lavine, Mo Bamba, and Cameron Payne

Zach Lavine of the Chicago Bulls

Zach Lavine is a player who is one of the most electrifying dunkers the league has ever had, but in his NBA Draft, he was not one of the more celebrated players. His draft included Andrew Wiggins, Joel Embiid and Aaron Gordon. It was expected to be a significant draft class, Andrew Wiggins has fallen off just as Joel Embiid has risen. Aaron Gordon is improving but taking his sweet time about it. Zach Lavine has a real opportunity to emerge as the significant find of that draft class, Mr. Embiid was not a find he was apparent.

Zach has several reasons to arrive: he can still be considered to be re-emerging from a substantial injury, he was discarded by the Timberwolves, and if they had the opportunity they would have kept him over Mr. Wiggins in the Jimmy Butler trade. Zach was Tib’s guy he played him into the ground the only way Tib’s can. Also, let us not forget the disrespect leveled at him by ESPN, ESPN placed players like Markelle Fultz, who has trouble understanding play sets, ahead of him in their Top 100 potential players in the League.

Mo Bamba of the Orlando Magic

Orlando Magic are in a tax friendly state and should be able to keep stars and attract new ones. As Orlando is an incredibly poorly run franchise, it will come down to the emergence of a dynamic star for their fortunes to return. I do not see Aaron Gordon as being that guy. Mo Bamba could well become that guy, as a physical specimen, there is nothing like him. A defensive anchor with the potential to be a genuine three-point threat. Joel Embiid and Karl Anthony Towns are both more skilled down low, but appear to lack that dog that invigorates defenses. The Magic roster truly stinks, and there seems to be no leader of any kind. This teams fortunes are attached to their rookie already!

Cameron Payne

Who is Cameron? Good question he is Russell Westbrooks dance partner and still has a crazy quick first step with a herky-jerky change of pace. It is an outstanding ability, that is it though. He has somehow got himself into the starting position at the Chicago Bulls. The Chicago Bulls have filled their team with three 2nd chance standouts. Jabari Parker, Cameron Payne, and Zach Lavine if one or two redeem their fortunes, they are geniuses. Back to Cameron Payne, to the eye this guy is incredible, but all that showboating at the Oklahoma City Thunder will haunt him if he does not emerge this season. Remember Shannon Brown, well the League eventually loses patients with potential. Mr. Payne could be out of the league this year if he does not perform.


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