The Los Angeles Lakers Lebron James needs another Superstar now!

October 30, 2018

Los Angeles Lakers Lebron James needs a Veteran closer.


The Los Angeles Lakers have to win 66% of the rest of their schedule to sure of making the playoffs. They are almost at the turning point of the season when a GM should decide between a big trade or a big tank.

Surely that is too early!

No, it is the Western Conference, traditionally in the West, the win level is quite high.

Luke Walton has so many options as a coach. His choices are all young. He is still finding out what he has. Kyle Kuzma, Brandon Ingram and Josh Hart are fundamentally sound and understand their future direction as players. Lonzo Ball could still be a superstar, he has not changed his shot and cannot play out of rhythm. The team are still messing around with his role. He is inconsistent within that framework. Lonzo Ball is a distraction, which was expected by his ‘daddy’ not his play.

Lonzo, Luke and Lebron do not work together at all. Lance is fulfilling his role from the bench, and many other players are working. Lonzo, Luke and Lebron do not. You can’t play Lonzo because his shot is a problem and Lebron cannot close. The team’s decision making is better when it is left to Lebron and Rondo.

Los Angeles Lakers Players and coaches that need to go, Luke Walton does he need to go!

Josh Hart, Kyle Kuzma, Lebron James of the Los Angeles Lakers

Josh Hart, Kyle Kuzma, Lebron James of the Los Angeles Lakers

Players the Lakers could trade for include Kemba Walker, Anthony Davis, Jimmy Butler and Kawhi Leonard.

NBA Players that could be let go are Kyle Kuzma, Brandon Ingram, Lonzo Ball and Josh Hart. As you know what you are going to get from Kyle Kuzma and Josh Hart, you need to keep them. The problem is Brandon Ingram, and Lonzo Ball have the best chances of becoming superstars.

Is Brandon Ingram another Duke player who has a problem with his temperament? Others┬áhave been a flat-out disappointment. Other Duke busts include Justise ‘League’ Winslow, Jahil Okafor and nationally famous Grayson Allen. Grayson Allen still may come good though! Kyrie Irving is the last smash from Duke and hardly played for them.

Lonzo Ball just needs to accept his shot is shit! Change it then you have a star. It really only takes about a month to change his shot into a better one. Cause what he has is so so sorry. Lavar Ball’s other son LiAngelo Ball would be more useful to the Lakers than Lonzo, LiAngelo plays better defence and has a better in-game shot. Ok maybe I am exaggerating a little but then again perhaps I am not.

Wait till Lavar Ball starts talking cause you know it is coming!

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