Michael Jordan calls himself the Goat
Project Unknown / January 22, 2019

Michael Jordan has failed to call himself the goat, in years gone by. Not Lebron James though. A concensus amongst NBA basketball fans is that Michael Jordan is the greatest to have ever played the game. Now Michael Jordan agrees with them and he is prepared to say it. The basketball world was in a spin when King Lebron James proclaimed himself the best ever(TBE) to the world on his 34th birthday. He came to this conclusion after winning the NBA final against the Golden State Warriors in 2016.

New Years Resolutions of James Harden and NBA Stars!
Project Unknown / January 1, 2019

Match the NBA Stars to The top new year’s resolutions NBA fans would love from their NBA Stars. I will not sign with my competitors. I will not bully my teammates. I will not travel. I will not flop. I will not get injured. I will not be a rookie two years in a row. I will not stat pad. I will not ‘out’ my cheating teammates. I will change my dysfunctional shot. I will not be a rookie. Which of these NBA stars would you match them too? De’Angelo Russell Markelle Fultz Ben Simmons Lonzo Ball Russell Westbrook Rajon Rondo Chris Paul Derrick Rose Kawhi Leonard Kevin Durant Lebron James Giannis James Harden Jimmy Butler Jokes and hate aside, if NBA fans did not have to deal with the issues raised by the resolutions the culture and game of NBA basketball would significantly improve. My favorite NBA rule changes. Change the definition of the rookie rule. You can only be a rookie in the first year you are with a team injured or not. Get rid of the gather step/s rule. In my view this rule was introduced, so referees would not have to call travelling. Raise the minimum wage…

Score like an NBA basketball player!
Basketball Skills / December 27, 2018

Score tactics of NBA players that you could do at your level of Basketball play. Finishing Essentials of NBA players. Russell Westbrook, Paul George Layups for basketball, the package of layup skills you must have. Kyrie Irving NBA Layups Kyrie Irving finishing techniques you must have in your game. Learn then practise how to finish! Shot Mechanics like Stephen Curry Shooting bio mechanics, build a shooting technique like Stephen Curry Shoot Like NBA players Stephen Curry and Kyrie Irving! Videos to teach you how to shoot like NBA Guards, This video teaches about possible release techniques. How to line your fingers on the ball. Post moves, Centers, Guards or Forwards! Pivot moves, face up or back to the basket moves.

Top possible NBA trades we care about.
NBA Draft News , Western Conference / December 23, 2018

The trade deadline for NBA season 2018-2019 is fast approaching. The potential NBA trades are more interesting than we all realise. Anthony Davis Kyrie Irving Markelle Fultz Jabari Parker Trevor Ariza D’Angelo Russell Heavily Pursued by the Los Angeles Lakers, if they fail to get him do not be surprised if Lakers lose their team chemistry because of it. Kyrie Irving is a max contract player but is he a max contract player for the Boston Celtics. We care about it, but unless he is involved with a superstar, I will be surprised if they move him. Kyrie Irving is a playoff player! Markelle Fultz showed promise at the end of his rookie year. If he sorts out his shot, he will be devastating. Fix a shot really is not that hard at all. It does not take anyway near as many repetitions coaches lead you to believe. These are the best athletes in the world. Jabari has a big contract, but only 1 year left on it. There are overpriced players in the league, that can be acquired for bench assets and draft picks. Parker can be used to get another draft asset and a good locker room guy….

Is Derrick Rose the NBA’s most improved player? He is Top 10
NBA News / December 7, 2018

Derrick has definitely improved a lot this off season! He is a quick rather than fast. The injuries have subsided and he has become a lot more efficient.   The NBA Top 10 most improved players according to Basketball Tipoff is. Zach Lavine 36 DeAaron Fox 32 Derrick Rose 22 Pascal Siakam 16 Nikola Mirotic 16 Josh Richardson 11 JaVale McGee 10 Caris Lavert 9 Buddy Hield 9 Montrezl Harrell 9 The List is compiled from the Tipoff selectives Top 5 choices. Zach Lavine has improved his scoring and is scoring for the Chicago Bulls at an incredibly efficient rate.  DeAaron Fox has stated that the game has slowed down for him, so every aspect of his game has improved. Derrick Rose does not get injured as often. Pascal Siakam is a difference maker at 24 years old, he is taking the opportunity in front of him.  Nikola Mirotic rounds out the top fin on this list. A lot of his opportunity is due to necessity and finally being given an opportunity to shine. 

NBA’s Top Ten duos
National Basketball Association / November 15, 2018

  Honourable mention to DeMar DeRozan and LaMarcus Aldridge a new pair, finding their way that can not be assessed until it has been playoff tested. The NBA League has some great duos, but duos like John Wall and Bradley of the Washington Wizards barely make this list. Their reputation counts for something. NBA players DeAaron Fox and Buddy Hield   The most impressive members on this list are DeAaron Fox and Buddy Hield. At the time of writing this article, DeAaron Fox was going for 18.7pts 7.1ast 4.4rebs. Commentators have been critical of the Sacramento Kings, but they won the trade with the New Orleans Pelicans. The Pelicans got DeMarcus Cousins and then let him go for nothing. The Kings got Buddy Hield who now produces 18.7pts and gels well with the team. They have not been playoff tested, but they have grown together and could be as good as Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum. NBA players Russell Westbrook and Paul George Russell Westbrook and Paul George have a chance of being one of the best modern-day duos. Paul George is a former alpha that headed a team and Westbrook trusts him during clutch moments. At their best, this duo has the best…

Top 5 most beloved NBA players Derrick Rose
Project Unknown / November 9, 2018

1) Derrick Rose 2) Lebron James 3) Stephen Curry/Kyrie Irving. 4) Giannis Antetokounmpo 5) James Harden   Honourable mention Russell Westbrook. Russell Westbrook fans are faithful to him. Russell’s weaknesses are the stuff that stops him from ultimately winning. His supporters do not care and will follow him no matter what.   5) James Harden his fans are bittersweet, they swear his defence is elite, but always seems to fail when it really matters. The leagues best scoring guard, yes better than Stephen Curry, he scores in more ways than Curry. It is the conflict between Curry and Harden fans which shoes how beloved he is.   4) Gianni’s fans are global, and most neutral fans love this guy, he is too young to have done anything too wrong and never is associated with bad headlines. Giannis is popular!   3) Stephen Curry has probably the most annoying fans in the world, only one group of fans in the NBA can compete. Can you guess!   3) Kyrie Irving is still Uncle Drew, and all the Stephen Curry haters love him.   2) Lebron James, Lebron has more haters than lovers sadly. Due to Kobe fans, who are offended with the…

Top 5 NBA Coaches in danger of being fired ALREADY!

1) Minnesota Timberwolves Tom Thibodeau The handling of the Jimmy Butler trade and the team’s inconsistent performance and the writing is on the wall. As soon as Jimmy Butler has gone this team’s record will dive to the depths of the Atlantic ocean and Tibs will be fired.    2) Scott Brooks Wizards Washington Wizards had no defensive pivot with the Injury of Howard. They appear to have a respectable roster in a conference without Lebron James. If it seems they are not going to make the playoffs trust me, he is gone. Wizards still have their pick and moving John Wall for picks and expiring contracts must be considered.   3) Oklahoma City Thunder Billy Donovan A great group of players, but Russell Westbrooks cannot get the most out of them. Billy Donovan is not a coach for superstars.   4) Mike Dantoni Houston Rockets team play sucks. Nothing more needs to be said.   5) Pheonix Suns Igor Kokoškov There appears to be nothing that suggests he is any good for this organization. When your team is the worst in the League your going to be on the hot seat.

Basketball Tipoff’s Top 5 NBA’s Alpha
National Basketball Association / October 28, 2018

Is Lebron James or Russell Westbrook NBA’s Alpha What is an NBA alpha? When I think of alphas, I think of Kobe Bryant. I admittedly don’t rank Kobe very high on my list, but I do hold him as the best alpha to play the game. He was an enforcer for the culture. Alphas are those who are willing to be accountable for the pack. They don’t have to be the best, but they do have to have the guts to say “follow me.” Here are my top 5 alphas in the league today. Russell Westbrook From the way he carries himself to the stats he puts up OKC Westbrook says follow me to the Thunder organization. Does he fail? Of course, but he never backs down. Draymond Green He will likely be the worst player in the starting lineup come playoff time, and yet still, no one questions the leadership and toughness of Golden State Warriors Draymond. He is never afraid to tell the superstars around him to play Warriors basketball. It’s easy to be a big fish in a small pond, but Draymond is an undersized big on the best team ever and the unquestioned alpha in the…

Top 5 NBA Rookies
NBA News / October 25, 2018

The top 5 Rookies at the moment. If Luka is No1 who are your other four NBA Rookies? Luka Doncic 18.3pts 4.3rebs 5.7asts (not even close) DeAndre Ayton 14.3pts 10.7rebs Trae Young 21.5pts 7.5asts Jaren Jackson 15pts 6.3rebs 1asts Marvin Bagley 14.5pts 7.3rebs 1.5blks Bamba is on a poor organization! Mo Bamba 4.5pts 4.5rebs 2blksAverages source ESPN correct at time of writing. Luka Doncic This European is by far the most accomplished and the eye test places him way above other rookies. His lack of quickness does not appear to matter on the Bigger NBA courts. It takes longer to help of other defenders in a spaced out league. Trae Young Like Luka the spaced out league is helping him a lot when weapons are added to the Hawks he will average close to ten assists per game. Jaren Jackson I did not hold as much hope for this player. The NBA is not the greatest at developing players. Most NBA development has to take place in the offseason. He has a pivotal role as a starter for Memphis who hope to bounce back straight into the playoffs. He has the most crucial role, being a starter on a Playoff…