Los Angeles Lakers NBA Free agents list! Realism in Free Agency!

We want D’Angelo Russell back! Los Angeles Lakers fans right now.The players the Lakers can actually get in NBA free agency! D’Angelo Russell DeMarcus Cousins Jimmy Butler Klay Thompson Tobias Harris Going after Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard and Kemba Walker could cost the Lakers fairly good free agents. DeMarcus Cousins and De’Angelo Russell should be taken of the market quickly. Players the Lakers could realistically get in an NBA trade! Bradley Beal and Zach Lavine with Lonzo Ball as a part of the package. He probably fits the Bulls timeline better. Victor Oladipo Gordon Hayward, but why would you want to! Andrew Wiggins, probably do not want him either. All scenarios above will lead to them keeping Kyle Kuzma and their top rookie pick this year. They do not get Anthony Davis, but if you are the best player in the world that is good enough for a conference final and after that who knows.

The Los Angeles Lakers Lebron James needs another Superstar now!

Los Angeles Lakers Lebron James needs a Veteran closer.   The Los Angeles Lakers have to win 66% of the rest of their schedule to sure of making the playoffs. They are almost at the turning point of the season when a GM should decide between a big trade or a big tank. Surely that is too early! No, it is the Western Conference, traditionally in the West, the win level is quite high. Luke Walton has so many options as a coach. His choices are all young. He is still finding out what he has. Kyle Kuzma, Brandon Ingram and Josh Hart are fundamentally sound and understand their future direction as players. Lonzo Ball could still be a superstar, he has not changed his shot and cannot play out of rhythm. The team are still messing around with his role. He is inconsistent within that framework. Lonzo Ball is a distraction, which was expected by his ‘daddy’ not his play. Lonzo, Luke and Lebron do not work together at all. Lance is fulfilling his role from the bench, and many other players are working. Lonzo, Luke and Lebron do not. You can’t play Lonzo because his shot is a…

Los Angeles Lakers, two superstars?

Los Angeles Lakers will not get two real superstars NBA free agents in 2018 or 2019. They may sign one at a time! Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka have miss-understood the culture of today’s NBA stars! The job they have done so far is absolutely perfect and while they have space for two max contract players, they need to be brave enough to not sign what is there. Pat Riley pulled off one of the biggest coups in NBA history or did he? Let us look at what happened… Dwayne Wade re-signed with Miami Heat and recruited Chris Bosh who happened to have the same agent. After Dwayne Wade recruited Chris Bosh, he recruited his NBA best friend Lebron James. Lebron James had never left his home city and was merely embarrassed out of town. We all know the story and how it would really feel to be there. Fast Forward to the Houston Rockets recruitments. Chandler Parsons is thought to have recruited the roster(James Harden), then they let him go for Carmelo Anthony who never came. There was no settled Franchise star to get Melo. James Harden was still settling in. They did later, manage to get Chris Paul,…

Isaiah Thomas works for Lakers

National Basketball Association’s Los Angeles Lakers might be spreading fake news. Reports are they are waiting until free agency 2019. That would leave them with the same problems that they have now in 2018 free agency till 2019 free agency. Also, the players who would be available are different. DeMarcus Cousins is injured and whoever signs him will have him locked down. Lebron James will be a year older and a year closer to retirement. The top players in 2019 will be Embiid, Anthony Davis and Kevin Durant. Which will be available? In my opinion, this fake news is merely being spread to settle the team and increase the value of their assets. If the timeline is being pushed back till 2019, they need to acquire a pick in the 2018 draft. They will need trade assets to get a centre. In the meantime Isaiah Thomas swapped with Julius Randle or Jordan Clarkson would be nice for the Cleveland Cavaliers.  

Anthony Davis Tipoff player of the day
Western Conference / October 23, 2017

Los Angeles Lakers lose to New Orleans Pelicans 119 to 112. Anthony Davis performed like the player he is born to be. 27pts, 17rebs, 3blks and 3stls Pelicans took a 20 point lead, but the Lonzo Ball led Lakers would not give up. Lavar Ball’s son had 8pts, 8 rebs and 13 assists. Lonzo stated that they need a stronger start. At the moment Jordan Clarkson and Kuzma are performing like starters and coming off the bench. The Lakers are not good enough to have starters as support players, similar to what the San Antonio Spurs play. Lonzo is probably going to be an inconsistent scorer for the rest of the season and requires more help. Lonzo Ball is the leader of the lakers on and off the court after 3 games he managed to show this is his play and post-game interviews. The game showed Demarcus Cousins, and Anthony Davis are still finding their feet, but both players contribute actively at the same time. Now it is just about an understanding between them and their teammates.

Kobe Bryant and the Charlotte Hornets
Western Conference / July 12, 2017

21 years ago today, Charlotte Hornets traded Kobe Bryant to the LA Lakers The rest is “HISTORY”. Los Angles Lakers tried out 2 shooting guards, Kobe impressed Los Angeles they wanted the black mamba above all others. Vlade Divac was traded for the Hornets 13th Draft pick.  The Charlotte Hornets selected Kobe Bryant out of Lower Merion High School in Philadelphia.