Russell Westbrook player of the Day

October 20, 2017

Russell Westbrooks player of the game against New York Knicks

Russell Westbrook of Oklahoma City Thunder has given an indication of the way forward him and the team!!

Carmelo Anthony was pretty good, but there was some ISO ball. I suggested Billy Donovan was going to be as good a coach as Popovich. I take that back, his offence lacks creativity and options. Too many times the ball finds itself on the wing or in the corner, then the team literally just stands and watches.

How about a flare screen or two, maybe a motion offence so Melo is not stuck. For all the complaining about the triangle offence, that is not a problem that offence has.

Oklahoma City Thunder could be better than Golden State Warriors, but is the coach good enough to get them there.

Russell Westbrook is changing the terms of engagement as a point guard, but he now needs help from his coach. There needs to be an emphasis on flare screens and put in place a default motion offence. OKC Thunder are really talented. They only need to play basic basketball.

They are a lock for Western Conference Finals.

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