Projected Big Bounce NBA performers 2018.

February 17, 2018

Boston, Miami, Nikola Jokic, Charlotte, Rondo, Jaylen Brown, Lavar and I god damn hope Nicolas Batum should be expected to bounce back in their own unique way.

Boston Celtics will have a bounce back to close out the rest of the season. The break they have should put them in a position to tear up the league. The Celtics have their worst performances without Marcus Smart when he gets back expect there to be an impact.

Miami Heat has little presence in the all-star weekend, and they managed to finish healthy last season. This team is not driven by a star. They are a lot hungrier than people realise. The addition of their leader Wade will make a difference. Will they be the most resurgent performers later this season?

Michael Jordan sits with Nicolas BatumNikola Jokic, I rated him as one of the top centres and NBA MVP candidates last year. Last season he went on a tear to close out the season, either he was rejuvenated, or he took advantage of opposing team’s woes. We will find out which as the season closes. Expect MVP chants from home Denver fans soon. He is only a bounce back performer as I was so high on him last year.

Lavar Ball has been in Lithuania, a new Big Baller Brand challenge series and Lonzo’s return from injury should get his mouth going again(entertainment here we come).

Lavar will need to run his mouth to get LiAngelo a shot in the league, the owners must love it (him saying what they want to say). The thing is LiAngelo does not need help from daddy, his defence is already better than a lot of players in the League. That could be said of a lot of players though.

Gelo is naturally so damn strong. Think of a Gronkowski and you get a better idea of how physically solid this guy can be. He only needs to tweak his shot a touch to get consistent and stop those annoying contested 3’s to improve. Teams will give him a chance on his name alone. Lavar does not need to make statements, others will perceive as offensive to get Gelo a chance.

Jaylen Brown, Jaylen’s desire to be an impact player, was evident in the playoffs last year. As Jaylen has limited involvement in the all-star weekend expect him to be getting into playoff Brown soon after the break.

Rajon Rondo, well we all know about playoff Rondo, is the West ready for him? Rondo is not old and does not like Chris Paul. Over the years their dislike for one another has been on display. A playoff series against the Houston Rockets should have Houston fans worried. The Pelicans may still get some extra weapons for him all the way up to March. Chris Bosh would work nicely on Rondo’s Pelicans.

Charlotte Hornets, while the Boston Celtics have won more than their fair share of close games, the Hornets have lost them. Michael Jordan should take Nicolas Batum to court for how bad his play has been. Shortly before the trade deadline, he played as though he was worth the money. The very next game after the trade deadline he missed every field attempt. SUE his arse! Malik Monk can go past any player in the league, but the opponents’ defensive rotations have given him difficulty. It also appears as though he is one of those overage players so he may be stuck in his ways. Charlotte needs to decide fast whether they are going for it or going to give him a chance to develop this season.

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