Phoenix Suns need to trade for Boston Celtics Kyrie Irving

November 3, 2018

Is Kyrie Irving a max contract player for the Boston Celtics?


Trade Uncle Drew before the deadline. Kyrie Irving is not a max contract player for in Boston. If it is essential for Uncle Drew to get his money, it is in the interests of the Boston Celtics to trade him.

This year the Boston Celtics will not get past an entirely fit Toronto Raptors. The Raptors are playing with an ease and confidence in purpose, that should continue. Their Roster is balanced towards veterans with extensive playoff experience and a potent bench. JV has managed to reinvigorate his game, which Serge Ibaka did to become a modern power forward while he was playing for the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Why trade Kyrie Irving?

This current NBA draft will be one of the few times when the lottery pick will be worth a superstar. Maximum contracts for Gordon Hayward, Al Horford, and Kyrie Irving is not a sustainable roster. Al Horford and Gordon Hayward are not max-level players. Correctly pricing talent is what GMs are supposed to do according to Max Kellerman.

The team that gets the best player in the trade is the team that wins the deal. A long-standing saying stated by Max Kellerman.

Kyrie Irving Phoenix Suns

Kyrie Irving Phoenix Suns

Phoenix Suns have extra pieces, additional draft choices and a hunger for a point guard. A line up of Devon Booker, Kyrie Irving, Deandre Ayton, and Josh Jackson would have a beautiful future. Celtics would enjoy a combination of Josh Jackson, TJ Booker, Trevor Ariza and draft choices. Not all but some.

The Pheonix Suns desperately need a star, financial that team must be in trouble they are literally not selling any tickets and they have been awful for so long. The only way they can save their fortunes is to get a commercial superstar like Kyrie Irving. The other opportunity for them is Zion Williamson or Mac McClung. Mac McClung at 6ft 2in may not be ready to leave after one year of college. Remember Pheonix Suns need a commercial superstar, they need to sell tickets.

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