Oklahoma City Thunder championship contenders.

January 23, 2019

Paul George and Russell Westbrook should be the most feared one-two punch in the League, but media and fans see them as impotent.

How could a triple-double guard and small forward who is just as deadly on defence as he is on offence be considered impotent? Strong words but when you consider the Oklahoma City Thunder’s roster this should not be the case!
While the media raves about Kawhi Leonard and Kevin Durant, Paul George has quietly become one of the most valuable players in the regular season.

Supporting Paul George you have Steve Adams who is an offensive rebounding dynamo who brings assists and blocks. Jerami Grant who is shooting above 50% and adds to the Oklahoma City Thunder’s defence. Let’s not also forget players like Nerlens Noel who has the talent of a starter, but this modern centre is never going to start ahead of Steve Adams.

As regrettable as it may sound, Russell Westbrook is the best player on the team, he is also their weak link. While everyone may be having their best year, Russell is not performing at his best.

Russell is not be judge by the standards of mortal men. Russell needs to perform at a more efficient rate. When and only when Russell Westbrook works out how to perform efficiently will his team be given the respect it deserves. Imagine Westbrook at 50% fg %, the difference it would make to the rest of his teammates would be immence.

The League would have to stop and take care of OKC!

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