New Years Resolutions of James Harden and NBA Stars!

January 1, 2019

Match the NBA Stars to The top new year’s resolutions NBA fans would love from their NBA Stars.

  • I will not sign with my competitors.
  • I will not bully my teammates.
  • I will not travel.
  • I will not flop.
  • I will not get injured.
  • I will not be a rookie two years in a row.
  • I will not stat pad.
  • I will not ‘out’ my cheating teammates.
  • I will change my dysfunctional shot.
  • I will not be a rookie.

Which of these NBA stars would you match them too?

  1. De’Angelo Russell
  2. Markelle Fultz
  3. Ben Simmons
  4. Lonzo Ball
  5. Russell Westbrook
  6. Rajon Rondo
  7. Chris Paul
  8. Derrick Rose
  9. Kawhi Leonard
  10. Kevin Durant
  11. Lebron James
  12. Giannis
  13. James Harden
  14. Jimmy Butler

Jokes and hate aside, if NBA fans did not have to deal with the issues raised by the resolutions the culture and game of NBA basketball would significantly improve.

My favorite NBA rule changes.

  • Change the definition of the rookie rule.¬†You can only be a rookie in the first year you are with a team injured or not.
  • Get rid of the gather step/s rule. In my view this rule was introduced, so referees would not have to call travelling.
  • Raise the minimum wage so that it is harder for teams to stack up on Max Contract talent. As great as Lebron James is, he is not 40 times better than his weakest teammate.
This shows the gather step rules in effect.

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