NBA Leaders that count.

October 26, 2018

NBA stats deep dive and what

The NBA season might be in its infancy, but we can understand a lot from the National Basketball Association statistics concerning the players as well as the teams.

Golden State Warriors

Golden State Warriors are letting Stephen Curry do a whole lot of scoring. The team does not lead the league in three-point scoring, but they do lead the league in assists. Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry are averaging around 8 catch and shoot attempts a game. Klay Thompson is doing more than just shooting 3 pointers. His high point production shows that he is bringing great balance to his scoring. He is in the top 3 for Mid Range point production at 42%.

Blake Griffin

Blake has started with the possibility of becoming the leagues MVP. The Detroit Pistons are unbeaten. He is averaging almost 100 touches a game and is the most important player on their team. Detroit Pistons coaches are running everything through him. It is suitable for the team his IQ is not bad, and he has matured into an intelligent basketball player. The more he is the rock, the better his team will do.

Cleveland Cavaliers

Colin Sexton is not a modern point guard. Most of his point production is in the mid-range. It just does not fit the production now needed in the NBA. Simple put 60% from 2 point land = 40% from 3 point land. So teams are after lobs, dunks and wide open threes. The more you can achieve that, the better your chance of success. Colin Sexton does not fit that this early in the season.

Shaqtin A Fool

JaVale McGee is no fool. If he continues playing as he is, he might be the BVP(Best value Player). His play should force a trade for a star player to join in Los Angeles. Laker Nation cannot rely on the Los Angeles Lakers signing a superstar free agent. JaVale needs to get paid, and trading for a star works better economically. Brandon Ingram’s temperament is an issue, the second Duke player drafted in consecutive years that have shown some problems with his character.


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