NBA G League challenges the NCAA

October 18, 2018

Donald Trump needs to force the NCAA to pay for play. National Basketball Association will challenge the NCAA. ESPN Sources claim, NBA will give select players a professional route to the NBA. Commentators see this as a replacement to the one-and-done college path. ESPN’s @DraftExpress reports.


Zion one and done

One and done Duke player Zion Williamson

There are some problems with this approach, the G League merely is too high a standard and represents a considerable jump in the standard of play. This approach has been attempted before, and the players failed. If the NBA is serious about a development league to rival college, they would need to set up an age-restricted league, that could virtually mirror the offering of the NCAA.

Are the coaches available to create development leagues?

Today’s development coaches have a few options, social media, high school, and NCAA. If leagues like the JBA (Junior Basketball Association) are to progress, there needs to be the opportunity for player development and solid teams. The G League does not represent a league that has stable rosters, that instability with the high standard represents too high an adjustment and is not coach friendly.

This is apparently thought to help the argument in light of the FBI investigation. This is Adam Silver, he has driven the price of a one and done player on the NCAA. Donald Trump needs to pass an executive order and get players paid at college.

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