Los Angeles Lakers, two superstars?

February 11, 2018

Los Angeles Lakers will not get two real superstars NBA free agents in 2018 or 2019.

They may sign one at a time!

Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka have miss-understood the culture of today’s NBA stars! The job they have done so far is absolutely perfect and while they have space for two max contract players, they need to be brave enough to not sign what is there.

Pat Riley pulled off one of the biggest coups in NBA history or did he?

LiAngelo BallLet us look at what happened… Dwayne Wade re-signed with Miami Heat and recruited Chris Bosh who happened to have the same agent. After Dwayne Wade recruited Chris Bosh, he recruited his NBA best friend Lebron James. Lebron James had never left his home city and was merely embarrassed out of town. We all know the story and how it would really feel to be there.

Fast Forward to the Houston Rockets recruitments. Chandler Parsons is thought to have recruited the roster(James Harden), then they let him go for Carmelo Anthony who never came. There was no settled Franchise star to get Melo. James Harden was still settling in. They did later, manage to get Chris Paul, who was seduced by James Harden.

Rewind to the Golden State Warriors recruitment. The GSW team (Stephen Curry and Draymond Green) recruited Kevin Durant so well, Oklahoma City Thunder blew a 3 – 1 lead. OKC should have won that series 4-0. NBA’s secret handshakes and cuddling between Green and Durant and no one should have been surprised with the different result.

Now, the Lakers are great recruiters as well, but they have not pulled off a double superstar signing before, nor has any team in the league. The players are the GM’s now if your star is not a good recruiter, the stars do not come.

So the Lakers have to rely on softly spoken, slightly conceited, Lonzo Ball to recruit superstars for them. Kyle Kuzma is another potential recruiter. Whoever steps in will need to be the leader straight away, and another superstar ego will have to join them.

Can that really work? Can that be seen to work?

The market over the next two years is thin on actual superstar talent, while the competition from teams that only need one star will be fierce. Making room for one superstar is easy especially as going into the luxury tax for playoff basketball is now accepted by the owners; a lot of teams go into the Luxury Tax, it practically negates the effect of the tax.

The market,

  1. An Injured DeMarcus Cousins.
  2. An old Lebron James
  3. Paul George who could not lead a better group of players in the supposed worst conference to the finals.
  4. No three option Klay Thompson
  5. Kevin Durant, who left a team Andre Iguadola stated was the best in the League, for record-setting GSW. Maybe he might sign with the Lakers for the challenge. Cause KD likes it hard right?

Magic has done the best possible job he could do, but it is a relatively sorry group of free agent selections. They also have no one to recruit for them.

DeMarcus Cousins is a loyal guy; if Anthony Davis asks him to stay, he will remain with the New Orleans Pelicans. He has an Achilles injury and playing with Anthony Davis is the best rehab. Lonzo Ball vs Anthony Davis recruitment battle. Lavar is the talker in that family!

Lebron James and David Griffin do not like each other on a personal level allegedly. Griffin is guilty of having a weak support group around him, who were not brave enough to stop him from writing that stupid letter. If everything in the letter was right, he was guilty of thinking the sun shone out of Lebron James’ basketball arse. Aside from Cleveland’s front office, only Sam Presti, Daryl Morey, Danny Ainge and Masai Ujiri manage teams better. The Spurs are different as the improvements are primarily due to their coaching staff. A lot of players who have developed there would be out of the league in 4 years. The Spurs often make recruitment mistakes, that are covered by Pop’s coaching. Pau Gasol, Richard Jefferson, letting Steve Jackson go the list is quite long.

The best way forward, for the Lakers, would have been to fleece a time of a high draft pick in 2018. No free agent serious about winning will sign with the Lakers in 2018. They will wait until 2019! They will also have to do a Sign and Trade swap with Julius Randle for an Achilles injured DeMarcus Cousins.

Laker fans you still have ways to go as a team, but LiAngelo Ball will play for your Summer League team.

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