Los Angeles Lakers NBA Free agents list! Realism in Free Agency!

March 6, 2019

We want D’Angelo Russell back! Los Angeles Lakers fans right now.
The players the Lakers can actually get in NBA free agency!

  • D’Angelo Russell
  • DeMarcus Cousins
  • Jimmy Butler
  • Klay Thompson
  • Tobias Harris

Going after Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard and Kemba Walker could cost the Lakers fairly good free agents. DeMarcus Cousins and De’Angelo Russell should be taken of the market quickly.

Players the Lakers could realistically get in an NBA trade! Bradley Beal and Zach Lavine with Lonzo Ball as a part of the package. He probably fits the Bulls timeline better.

D'angelo Russell, Los Angeles Lakers
D’angelo Russell, Los Angeles Lakers
  • Victor Oladipo
  • Gordon Hayward, but why would you want to!
  • Andrew Wiggins, probably do not want him either.

All scenarios above will lead to them keeping Kyle Kuzma and their top rookie pick this year. They do not get Anthony Davis, but if you are the best player in the world that is good enough for a conference final and after that who knows.

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