Los Angeles Clippers are the TOP team in town!

October 23, 2018

The Los Angeles Clippers are almost the complete package. A great owner, a great coach and great fans. The Clippers are the NBA Los Angeles team, Los Angeles natives can afford to watch. They are the number one national basketball association team in Los Angeles Right now

The Clippers team is complete aside from a real star.

Tobias Harris

Mr. Harris is just that, a Mister. He has been an alpha player virtually all of his career. This former all American represents a great modern player. His primary position is small forward, but he has enough size to guard and play as a power forward in the modern NBA. His consistency and desire to excel is perfect and helps

Tobias Harris of Los Angeles Clippers

Tobias Harris of Los Angeles Clippers

place this franchise in a prime position to snag a superstar who still has the heart for a challenge.

Avery Bradley and Patrick Beverly

Avery is a flat out hungry, along with Patrick Beverly they might be the best defensive backcourt since Ron Harper and Michael Jordan. While teams have been built to match the warriors, to outscore them, the Clippers went in the other direction. They have put together the best defensive backcourt in the league. The next step for this team is to add a star, and only one star is needed. Klay Thompson or Kawhi Leonard.

Danilo Gallinari

Danilo has always been one of the most automatic shooters in the league if he can stay healthy his value is immense.  Danilo is an enigma, there have been years when he has actually been one of the top dunkers, by volume, in the league while being a three-pointer shooter before it got sexy.

Doc Rivers

The writing is put on the wall every season with Doc Rivers, he was supposed to be fired a long time ago. As a GM he is not ideal, but as a coach his ability is unquestioned. He has had winning seasons with various roster types and has introduced different styles of play. Some coaches like Mike Dantoni are system coaches, Doc is not. He has been a successful coach through different era’s of basketball and does not require specific personnel and rules to be in his favor to succeed. Coaches like Dwayne Casey, Doc Rivers, and Greg Popovich are those type of coaches, old school!

Los Angeles No1 team at this moment in time is still the Los Angeles Clippers.


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