Lonzo Ball and Lebron James Show

October 21, 2018
Lebron James and Lonzo Ball as Lion Kings

Lebron James will guide Lonzo Ball

Welcome to LebronZo, The king and the prodigal son will go at it. Rajon Rondo and Brandon Ingram are set to receive substantial bans. The development of Lonzo Ball could not have been orchestrated better by his dad Lavar Ball. Luke Walton went with Rajon Rondo, Lonzo Ball and Lebron James in the 4th Quarter. Now his fourth-quarter trio will be Josh Hart, Lonzo Ball, and Lebron James. This new group probably works better, the most critical player in this group is Josh Hart.

Josh Hart

Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart, and Kyle Kuzma represent a bright future. The future needs to explode to keep all of them. It is unlikely that all will come of age this season. Julius Randle was apart of that group and left for nothing. Two of these players should be used to get a superstar. Brandon Ingram and Kyle Kuzma have been sold as potential all-stars if they are kept Josh Hart becomes the likely piece that is moved.


Los Angeles Lakers strategy or hope will be the development of their youth. Zubac showed some nice things in the pre-season, and they still have the Wager his style of play might fit better with the team as a future shooter.

Signing, Resigning and Trade Targets

Javale McGee

The Los Angeles Lakers should not rely on signing through free agency. Although the Lakers are a stoic franchise, why put yourself in a position to have to compete for talent when the reason you are in that position is due to releasing players or failure to resign them. Julius Randle is a prime example.  JaVale McGee’s salary is around 2.5mill dollars. This season I expect him to prove he is worth at least 7.5mill at the extreme low end. In this version of the NBA JaVale McGee is the type of centre teams need. McGee does need to improve his passing, but that is already happening. Do not be surprised if JaVale can command a salary of 12million per year. He is worth it on a championship team.


Zubac has shown himself to have excellent hands and like most European’s he has some skill, but he is unlikely to be resigned and should be moved in a trade.

Anthony Davis, Kemba Walker

The Los Angeles Lakers should consolidate Zubac, McGee, and Ingram into Anthony Davis. An alternative is to combine Josh Hart, Lonzo Ball into Kemba Walker. Kyle Kuzma can be added to any scenario to get either player. Personally, I think it would be crazy not to take the opportunity to pair Lebron James with a prime Anthony Davis, and free agency is just too long to wait. The only asset the Lakers lake is a high draft pick. New Orleans would always be considered the loser of any trade involving giving up Anthony Davis, but a top draft pick with the assets the Lakers can offer would be a mistake not to take.



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