Kyrie Irving be Like DREW

October 31, 2017

NBA MVP candidate Kyrie Irving is challenging for the Most Valuable Player awards. He currently leads the league with 17 steals. Mr No Defence is averaging 2.4 steals a game, placing him third on the averages list.

How much better of is Kyrie Irving for the Boston Celtics, or is he better off at all?

After the losses, we are just not sure he made the right decision. Could Kyrie Irving carry a team? He had to deal with a devastating loss of Gordon Hayward!

Kyrie Irving Performs for Boston Celtics The Boston Celtics have Jaylen Brown who was exerting leadership qualities throughout the summer league and Al Horford who has previously been a leader of the Atlanta Hawks, so in the end, Kyrie Irving does not have to carry the burden of being the leader. It is clear this total team approach, Brad Stevens leads as the coach, works for the entire Boston Celtics organisation.

Their nemesis of the Cleveland Cavaliers are dysfunctional at the moment and lack starting five ball handlers with Isaiah Thomas and Derrick Rose injured.

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