Kevin Durant could be signed by the San Antonio Spurs

November 28, 2018
Kevin Durant could end up at the San Antonio Spurs.
No mainstream media analysts, aside from Skip Bayless, might think this is possible. At Tipoff predicting trades is our thing, we have a knack for it. At the moment, the likelihood depends on Kevin Durant’s desire to go down in history.

The Spurs have an opportunity to acquire another

Kevin Durant San Antonio Spurs

Kevin Durant San Antonio Spurs

max level player. They might have to move a player and talk Pau Gasol into renegotiating his contract, but if he wants to go to the finals again, he will have to help and extend his contract. Pau Gasol with a backloaded contract of around 25 million over 3 years is a fair deal.

At the moment the Spurs salary bill will be 110 million dollars. A lot of money but league revenue is still trending up and Pau Gasol’s contract is 16million. The Spurs have talked stars into taking minimum and lower level contracts only to reward them in later years. Manu Ginobili, cut deals like that with the Spurs a couple times. So they have a reputation for doing it. If Pau takes a 3-year contract as a player who is really a lot less useful than JaVale McGee or even Dwight ‘Pretty Boy’ Howard. It is possible.
2019-2020 Salary Cap Level $109,000,000 Luxury Tax $132,000,000
DeMar DeRozan, Kevin Durant and LaMarcus Aldridge would be a devastating team. They would be declared the favorites if they could get KD35

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