Is Derrick Rose an NBA All Star?

November 19, 2018
Derrick Rose is an NBA All-Star again. Now he needs to take the Minnesota Timberwolves and elevate them back into a playoff contender.
Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose is playing with a quick mind as well as quick feet. In his early career, he was seen as the most athletic point guard in the league. The joke was often made that he made things look harder than they actually are. A walking busted knee about to happen.

Boy did he bust himself up.
Now Derrick Rose is the difference maker most teams would be glad to have.
47% three point shooter.
46% from the field
19 points
Derrick Rose is showing the career comeback of NBA history. This resurgence needs more longevity and an ending, a playoff ending. Now that would be special.

Can the former franchise player Derrick Rose maintain consistency?

The league has known all about Derrick and scouting reports are not able to stop this veteran anymore. His game has reached a maturity the rest of the League cannot find the rhythm of.

When Derrick comes to town, your town is in trouble!

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