Get AHEAD NBA 2018 Draft Gems

February 9, 2018

Potential Secret NBA Draft Hidden Gems Duke Blue Devils

  1. Miles Bridges (Sophmore)
  2. Grayson Allen (Senior)
  3. Hamidou Diallo (Red Shirt freshman)

Special Mention Duval a freshman at Duke University.

While everyone is obsessed with 1 and done players, the real NBA Draft Gems are in the Juniors and Seniors. In American sports, it is customary by many programs to lie about the player’s age. This practice has happened for decades, I have personally known players to have this happen to them.

In trying to ascertain the potential of the player, GM front offices will have to determine who is really 19 and a freshman and who is really 20-21 and has had their age rigged for some years. These players need to be considered with less upside and compared to sophomores and Juniors. If scouts misunderstand this, they will miss out on real gems.

Miles Bridges and Grayson Allen were both considered good enough to be one and done. They both appear to be the age that is claimed and are likely to be drafted after the top supposed freshman.

These are hidden gems, of the NBA draft, that could have similar upside to the Lottery picks who might not be teenagers.

Hamidou Diallo is projected higher, but he redshirted his first year of college and had an injury. There are developmental problems with his skillset which should lead to him going later in the draft. He does not have value as a role player but could break out as a valuable 2-way player.

Grayson Allen has an upside equal to Manu Ginobili can play point guard occasionally, but he is not good enough at executing the Pick N Roll and needs a lot of guidance. Unless he has a good March Madness, he could drop to the second round.

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