Donovan Mitchell Rookie of the Year!

February 14, 2018

The media are only all in because he is American! Utah Jazz Donovan Mitchell will be Rookie of the Yeat but he is not the best Rookie this year! FACTS!
AUSTRALIANS time to step UP!
Ben Simmons is the man and he cannot even shoot, it is not close!

Points 19.5 rebounds 3.5 assists 3.4

Aside from last year, it is the weakest stat line since 2004 Emeka Okafor. So weak in fact Lonzo Ball is better across the board except points and steals are equal. Let us not talk about Ben Simmons he is taking licks everywhere from him.

Sometimes in the media, they over think things and try to be the super original guy. National Basketball Association GMs do the exact opposite and pick Markelle Fultz first who was never NO1 pick. Jayson Tatum was the real NO1 pick because that is who got picked by the team who had the power!

Previous Rookies of the year and their stat lines.

2017 Malcolm Brogdon Milwaukee Bucks pts 10.2 rebs 2.8 assists 4.2

2016 Karl-Anthony Towns Minnesota Timberwolves pts 18.3 rebs 10.4 assists 2.0

2015 Andrew Wiggins Minnesota Timberwolves pts 16.9 rebs4.6 assists 2.1

2014 Michael Carter-Williams Philadelphia 76ers pts 16.7 rebs 6.2 assists 6.3

2013 Damian Lillard Portland TrailBlazers pts 19.0 rebs 3.1 assists 6.5

2012 Kyrie Irving Cleveland Cavaliers pts 18.5 rebs 3.7 assists 5.4

2011 Blake Griffin Los Angeles Clippers pts 22.5 rebs 12.1 assists 3.8

2010 Tyreke Evans Sacramento Kings pts 20.1 rebs 5.3 assists 5.8

2009 Derrick Rose Chicago Bulls pts 16.8 rebs 3.9 assists 6.3

2008 Kevin Durant Seattle Supersonics pts 20.3 rebs 4.4 assists 2.4

2007 Brandon Roy Portland Trail Blazers pts 16.8 rebs 4.4 assists 4.0

2006 Chris Paul New Orleans/Oklahoma City Hornets pts 16.1 rebs 5.1 assists 7.8

2005 Emeka Okafor Charlotte Bobcats pts 15.1 rebs 10.9 assists 0.9


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