Division One Men’s Basketball Recruiting Rules for NCAA.

December 28, 2018

A quick summary of what is involved with being recruited for an NCAA college.

NCAA recruitment basics

You are deemed to have been in contact when a college coach says more than hello during a face-to-face encounter/meeting and you are a heading to college. If this happens off the college campus with you or your parents and you are a student-athlete.

If you have been evaluated if a college coach watches your game or practice.

As a potential college athlete you will make a verbal commitment which happens before you sign a letter of commitment. You might be allowed to sign but choose not to. It is not binding on athletes.

An official commit happens when you have chosen your intended college a Division I or II college. You sign a National Letter of Intent agreeing to study for one academic year at that school.

Before National Letter of Intent

Take a visit, if the College foots the bill of your visit, that is classed as an official visit. If you pay for your own visit then that is unofficial.

To findout more information follow http://www.ncaa.org/student-athletes/future/recruiting

NCAA Recruitment Calender

Recruitment of athletes is limited, only certain times of the year are they allowed.

  • Contact period
  • Evaluation period
  • Quiet period
  • Dead period

The contact period allows face to face contact and watching the potential college athlete. Coaches can also write or telephone athletes and their parents.

The evaluation period allows exactly the same as the contact period but not off the college campus.

The quiet period only allows writing or telephoning of athlete or parent.

The dead period contact rules are the same as the quiet period but without knowing whether the athlete is heading to college.

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