Charlotte show promise in loss

October 28, 2017

James Harden Tipoff Player of the day.

Howard’s homecoming looked liked it was going to be sweet for him. Eric Gordon killed it though….

The absence of Chris Paul is not being felt at all by the Houston Rockets. So much so, I would consider trading him already, but you will never James Hardenget value for him.

Charlotte Hornets have had a great start to the season, but as you watch them play the rawness of their team play is obvious.

Malik Monk is backing up at point guard, and clearly, he can do that. Monk’s main problem is the awesomeness of his ability. Mr Monk has impressive athleticism, he can get a shot anytime against anyone, he just does not know when to. Mr Monk plays point luck with his decision making.

Other problems the Hornets have are 1)they do not play within themselves individually 2)they appear to lack trust in each other, and Dwight Howard is still playing within himself at around 80%. It is always an impressive contribution, but he could give more. On the night his figures were.

19pts 16rebs(7Off) only 33% from the line.

Monk needs to learn the pick n roll better, and veterans need to play like vets instead of rookies; rookies are still trying to find out their way of contributing to a game and what their efficient offensive contribution is.

When Batum comes back maybe Lamb will respect he should try to emulate the Boston version of Ray Allen and not the Milwaukee version.

Charlotte has it, but key players need to play like veterans, not NBA Rookies; know your role.

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