Let’s redraft the top 5 of the 2019 NBA Draft.

The order of the players picked would lead to a different balance in the league. Would Luka be our number one? 5) Trae Young 4) Kevin Knox 3) DeAndre Ayton 2) Luka Doncic 1) Jaren Jackson Jr 5) Trae Young He was compared to Stephen Curry during his last year at NCAA Division 1 level, but he is really like Steve Nash. He just had no weapons of any use at that level. Now he is in the NBA where the standard is higher his upside is being sprinkled all over the league and the NBA draft would be different. It was close between Trae and Marvin Bagley who has shown great potential. The coach does not have the necessary faith in Marvin which could cost his development. Although Trae is now my 5th best player on the NBA draft board, Dallas would not have been comfortable playing Dennis Smith Jr and Trae Young together. It is the same pick they took, but now they would have to trade for Kevin Knox or Jaren Jackson Jr which the Phoenix Suns would probably do. Trae Young and a draft pick should still expect to be a great trade. I project him…

Top possible NBA trades we care about.
NBA Draft News , Western Conference / December 23, 2018

The trade deadline for NBA season 2018-2019 is fast approaching. The potential NBA trades are more interesting than we all realise. Anthony Davis Kyrie Irving Markelle Fultz Jabari Parker Trevor Ariza D’Angelo Russell Heavily Pursued by the Los Angeles Lakers, if they fail to get him do not be surprised if Lakers lose their team chemistry because of it. Kyrie Irving is a max contract player but is he a max contract player for the Boston Celtics. We care about it, but unless he is involved with a superstar, I will be surprised if they move him. Kyrie Irving is a playoff player! Markelle Fultz showed promise at the end of his rookie year. If he sorts out his shot, he will be devastating. Fix a shot really is not that hard at all. It does not take anyway near as many repetitions coaches lead you to believe. These are the best athletes in the world. Jabari has a big contract, but only 1 year left on it. There are overpriced players in the league, that can be acquired for bench assets and draft picks. Parker can be used to get another draft asset and a good locker room guy….

Get AHEAD NBA 2018 Draft Gems
NBA Draft News / February 9, 2018

Potential Secret NBA Draft Hidden Gems Miles Bridges (Sophmore) Grayson Allen (Senior) Hamidou Diallo (Red Shirt freshman) Special Mention Duval a freshman at Duke University. While everyone is obsessed with 1 and done players, the real NBA Draft Gems are in the Juniors and Seniors. In American sports, it is customary by many programs to lie about the player’s age. This practice has happened for decades, I have personally known players to have this happen to them. In trying to ascertain the potential of the player, GM front offices will have to determine who is really 19 and a freshman and who is really 20-21 and has had their age rigged for some years. These players need to be considered with less upside and compared to sophomores and Juniors. If scouts misunderstand this, they will miss out on real gems. Miles Bridges and Grayson Allen were both considered good enough to be one and done. They both appear to be the age that is claimed and are likely to be drafted after the top supposed freshman. These are hidden gems, of the NBA draft, that could have similar upside to the Lottery picks who might not be teenagers. Hamidou Diallo…

Top 5 projected NBA Draft Choices
NBA Draft News / October 24, 2017

The end of season NBA draft is the most important draft for many years. Everywhere the draft is expected to be the next big draft! This is rarely the case but with the Boston Celtics, Cleveland Cavaliers, Philadelphia Sixers and Minnesota Timberwolves have high draft picks. These teams are also expected to make the playoffs. Are there 4 high NBA draft pick players who can contribute straight away and have the upside required? 1 *Cleveland Michael Porter Fr. 2 Phoenix Marvin Bagley Fr. 3 *Boston DeAndre Ayton Fr. 4 Philadelphia Mohamed Bamba Fr. 5 Orlando Luka Doncic Intl. 6 *Minnesota Jaren Jackson Jr. Fr.