Los Angeles Lakers NBA Free agents list! Realism in Free Agency!

We want D’Angelo Russell back! Los Angeles Lakers fans right now.The players the Lakers can actually get in NBA free agency! D’Angelo Russell DeMarcus Cousins Jimmy Butler Klay Thompson Tobias Harris Going after Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard and Kemba Walker could cost the Lakers fairly good free agents. DeMarcus Cousins and De’Angelo Russell should be taken of the market quickly. Players the Lakers could realistically get in an NBA trade! Bradley Beal and Zach Lavine with Lonzo Ball as a part of the package. He probably fits the Bulls timeline better. Victor Oladipo Gordon Hayward, but why would you want to! Andrew Wiggins, probably do not want him either. All scenarios above will lead to them keeping Kyle Kuzma and their top rookie pick this year. They do not get Anthony Davis, but if you are the best player in the world that is good enough for a conference final and after that who knows.

Oklahoma City Thunder championship contenders.
Project Unknown / January 23, 2019

Paul George and Russell Westbrook should be the most feared one-two punch in the League, but media and fans see them as impotent. How could a triple-double guard and small forward who is just as deadly on defence as he is on offence be considered impotent? Strong words but when you consider the Oklahoma City Thunder’s roster this should not be the case!While the media raves about Kawhi Leonard and Kevin Durant, Paul George has quietly become one of the most valuable players in the regular season. Supporting Paul George you have Steve Adams who is an offensive rebounding dynamo who brings assists and blocks. Jerami Grant who is shooting above 50% and adds to the Oklahoma City Thunder’s defence. Let’s not also forget players like Nerlens Noel who has the talent of a starter, but this modern centre is never going to start ahead of Steve Adams. As regrettable as it may sound, Russell Westbrook is the best player on the team, he is also their weak link. While everyone may be having their best year, Russell is not performing at his best. Russell is not be judge by the standards of mortal men. Russell needs to perform at…

Michael Jordan calls himself the Goat
Project Unknown / January 22, 2019

Michael Jordan has failed to call himself the goat, in years gone by. Not Lebron James though. A concensus amongst NBA basketball fans is that Michael Jordan is the greatest to have ever played the game. Now Michael Jordan agrees with them and he is prepared to say it. The basketball world was in a spin when King Lebron James proclaimed himself the best ever(TBE) to the world on his 34th birthday. He came to this conclusion after winning the NBA final against the Golden State Warriors in 2016.

Devin Booker The Los Angeles Lakers trade answer

Los Angeles Lakers best trade that the other team should take seriously. Devin Booker with Lebron James represents the best possible move for the Lakers. The Pheonix Suns would get Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram and more. On the face of it, this could be a pricy trade for both Laker fans and Pheonix fans to swollow, but it would be stellar for both teams. The Pheonix Suns have their centre they have a great chance of aquiring RJ Barrett or Zion Williams they could manoeuvre to acquire both. Brandon Ingram and Zo give them a backcourt, if they are able to add Zion Williamson or RJ Barret, their future is a great deal brighter than have Devin Booker alone. Now if the Los Angeles Lakers have Devin Booker, Kyle Kuzma, Lebron James, they should only need 1 free agent signing. Your team is… Nice Now and Nice in the future. Free Agent prospects, the Lakers can actually get! One or two from the list below and it should be enough. If you have the best player in the world! If it is not, the Lakers fans must accept Lebron James is not the best player in the world and they…

New Years Resolutions of James Harden and NBA Stars!
Project Unknown / January 1, 2019

Match the NBA Stars to The top new year’s resolutions NBA fans would love from their NBA Stars. I will not sign with my competitors. I will not bully my teammates. I will not travel. I will not flop. I will not get injured. I will not be a rookie two years in a row. I will not stat pad. I will not ‘out’ my cheating teammates. I will change my dysfunctional shot. I will not be a rookie. Which of these NBA stars would you match them too? De’Angelo Russell Markelle Fultz Ben Simmons Lonzo Ball Russell Westbrook Rajon Rondo Chris Paul Derrick Rose Kawhi Leonard Kevin Durant Lebron James Giannis James Harden Jimmy Butler Jokes and hate aside, if NBA fans did not have to deal with the issues raised by the resolutions the culture and game of NBA basketball would significantly improve. My favorite NBA rule changes. Change the definition of the rookie rule. You can only be a rookie in the first year you are with a team injured or not. Get rid of the gather step/s rule. In my view this rule was introduced, so referees would not have to call travelling. Raise the minimum wage…

NBA’s Top 5 Unexpected Cool Guys.
Project Unknown / December 30, 2018

Brian Scalabrine has retired and his cool needs to be inherited in the League. Lance Stephenson Luka Doncic De’Aaron Fox Stephen Curry Victor Oladipo Victor Oladipo Victor Oladipo is cool; Victor has a silky smooth RNB voice. It is commonplace for NBA players to venture into hip-hop and art is entirely subjective. Victor as a singer involves less subjectivity. He has a good soul voice, and any person who can sing in the toughest style of pop music is cool for me. De’Aaron Fox De’Aaron Fox is born out of the new anime generation, and I would not be surprised to see him at an esports event or comic con some day. When I think of Fox, I think of the beatdown put on Lonzo Ball and DragonBall Z. Stephen Curry Stephen Curry has as many haters as fans. Most haters do not hate him but are in love with a nemesis of Curry. I love the public hating celebrities cause the celeb is doing something right, they are rubbing people the wrong way right! Another aspect about Stephen Curry is he does not shy away from being true to his political self. Cool wife and daughter who are apart…

Blake Griffin goes digital arguing with an NBA referee
Eastern Conference / December 29, 2018

Blake Griffin while playing for the Detroit Pistons against the Indiana Pacers got petty about a call. He got hold of Tablet, during a break, to show the referee that he thought he was wrong on a call. It does not appear the referee agreed with him. The Indiana Pacers smashed Blake in return and the final score was 125 to 88.

Top 5 NBA teams with Salary cap room for NBA free agents.

This coming NBA free agency threatens to be as exciting as the year of the Lebron James Decision. Tipoff top five teams and their chances of making big NBA free agent signings! ! Los Angeles Lakers Los Angeles Clippers Sacramento Kings New York Knicks Dallas Mavericks The teams in order of salaries committed for the season 2019/2020 are as follows. Brooklyn $40,332,631 Sacramento $46,373,959 LA Clippers $47,347,510 Atlanta $48,655,968 Dallas $51,769,283 Chicago $53,811,026 New York $57,344,983 Indiana $58,580,379 LA Lakers $67,230,167 Philadelphia $71,709,606 The NO1 team on salary, coach, talent and owner are the Dallas Mavericks. Luka Doncic has led this team into playoff contention and Deandre Jordan still is a force in the Middle. Dallas has the ability to sign anybody. They are in a position to sign 3 max level players without offering max level contracts; Texas is a tax-friendly state as well. Half of the games played by the Dallas Mavericks will not have state income tax. While that is only a potential boost of around 7 percent. That is potentially 2 million+ per max contract that players might give back to the team. The number 2 team is the Sacramento Kings. They have the money and the team. The important players DeAaron Fox and Buddy Hield are under contract, except for their defensive anchor Willie Cauley-Stein. Willie only needs a qualifying offer of $6,265,631. The Kings are in a fabulous…

Division One Men’s Basketball Recruiting Rules for NCAA.
NCAA Basketball Division 1 / December 28, 2018

A quick summary of what is involved with being recruited for an NCAA college. NCAA recruitment basics You are deemed to have been in contact when a college coach says more than hello during a face-to-face encounter/meeting and you are a heading to college. If this happens off the college campus with you or your parents and you are a student-athlete. If you have been evaluated if a college coach watches your game or practice. As a potential college athlete you will make a verbal commitment which happens before you sign a letter of commitment. You might be allowed to sign but choose not to. It is not binding on athletes. An official commit happens when you have chosen your intended college a Division I or II college. You sign a National Letter of Intent agreeing to study for one academic year at that school. Before National Letter of Intent Take a visit, if the College foots the bill of your visit, that is classed as an official visit. If you pay for your own visit then that is unofficial. To findout more information follow http://www.ncaa.org/student-athletes/future/recruiting NCAA Recruitment Calender Recruitment of athletes is limited, only certain times of the year are they allowed. Contact…

Score like an NBA basketball player!
Basketball Skills / December 27, 2018

Score tactics of NBA players that you could do at your level of Basketball play. Finishing Essentials of NBA players. Russell Westbrook, Paul George Layups for basketball, the package of layup skills you must have. Kyrie Irving NBA Layups Kyrie Irving finishing techniques you must have in your game. Learn then practise how to finish! Shot Mechanics like Stephen Curry Shooting bio mechanics, build a shooting technique like Stephen Curry Shoot Like NBA players Stephen Curry and Kyrie Irving! Videos to teach you how to shoot like NBA Guards, This video teaches about possible release techniques. How to line your fingers on the ball. Post moves, Centers, Guards or Forwards! Pivot moves, face up or back to the basket moves.