Anthony Davis Tipoff player of the day

October 23, 2017

Los Angeles Lakers lose to New Orleans Pelicans 119 to 112.
Anthony Davis performed like the player he is born to be.
27pts, 17rebs, 3blks and 3stls

Pelicans took a 20 point lead, but the Lonzo Ball led Lakers would not give up. Lavar Ball’s son had 8pts, 8 rebs and 13 assists. Lonzo stated that they need a stronger start.

At the moment Jordan Clarkson and Kuzma are performing like starters and coming off the bench. The Lakers are not good enough to have starters as support players, similar to what the San Antonio Spurs play. Lonzo is probably going to be an inconsistent scorer for the rest of the season and requires more help.

Lonzo Ball is the leader of the lakers on and off the court after 3 games he managed to show this is his play and post-game interviews.

The game showed Demarcus Cousins, and Anthony Davis are still finding their feet, but both players contribute actively at the same time. Now it is just about an understanding between them and their teammates.

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