Projected Big Bounce NBA performers 2018.
National Basketball Association / February 17, 2018

Boston, Miami, Nikola Jokic, Charlotte, Rondo, Jaylen Brown, Lavar and I god damn hope Nicolas Batum should be expected to bounce back in their own unique way. Boston Celtics will have a bounce back to close out the rest of the season. The break they have should put them in a position to tear up the league. The Celtics have their worst performances without Marcus Smart when he gets back expect there to be an impact. Miami Heat has little presence in the all-star weekend, and they managed to finish healthy last season. This team is not driven by a star. They are a lot hungrier than people realise. The addition of their leader Wade will make a difference. Will they be the most resurgent performers later this season? Nikola Jokic, I rated him as one of the top centres and NBA MVP candidates last year. Last season he went on a tear to close out the season, either he was rejuvenated, or he took advantage of opposing team’s woes. We will find out which as the season closes. Expect MVP chants from home Denver fans soon. He is only a bounce back performer as I was so high on…

Donovan Mitchell Rookie of the Year!
Project Unknown / February 14, 2018

The media are only all in because he is American! Utah Jazz Donovan Mitchell will be Rookie of the Yeat but he is not the best Rookie this year! FACTS! AUSTRALIANS time to step UP! Ben Simmons is the man and he cannot even shoot, it is not close! Points 19.5 rebounds 3.5 assists 3.4 Aside from last year, it is the weakest stat line since 2004 Emeka Okafor. So weak in fact Lonzo Ball is better across the board except points and steals are equal. Let us not talk about Ben Simmons he is taking licks everywhere from him. Sometimes in the media, they over think things and try to be the super original guy. National Basketball Association GMs do the exact opposite and pick Markelle Fultz first who was never NO1 pick. Jayson Tatum was the real NO1 pick because that is who got picked by the team who had the power! Previous Rookies of the year and their stat lines. 2017 Malcolm Brogdon Milwaukee Bucks pts 10.2 rebs 2.8 assists 4.2 2016 Karl-Anthony Towns Minnesota Timberwolves pts 18.3 rebs 10.4 assists 2.0 2015 Andrew Wiggins Minnesota Timberwolves pts 16.9 rebs4.6 assists 2.1 2014 Michael Carter-Williams Philadelphia 76ers…

Los Angeles Lakers, two superstars?

Los Angeles Lakers will not get two real superstars NBA free agents in 2018 or 2019. They may sign one at a time! Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka have miss-understood the culture of today’s NBA stars! The job they have done so far is absolutely perfect and while they have space for two max contract players, they need to be brave enough to not sign what is there. Pat Riley pulled off one of the biggest coups in NBA history or did he? Let us look at what happened… Dwayne Wade re-signed with Miami Heat and recruited Chris Bosh who happened to have the same agent. After Dwayne Wade recruited Chris Bosh, he recruited his NBA best friend Lebron James. Lebron James had never left his home city and was merely embarrassed out of town. We all know the story and how it would really feel to be there. Fast Forward to the Houston Rockets recruitments. Chandler Parsons is thought to have recruited the roster(James Harden), then they let him go for Carmelo Anthony who never came. There was no settled Franchise star to get Melo. James Harden was still settling in. They did later, manage to get Chris Paul,…

Tyreke Evans should not be bought out.

Memphis Grizzlies turned done second round picks and more so they could buy him out and offer him to their competitors for nothing. BULLSHIT! It will not help the ‘tank’ anyway. Tyreke Evans is averaging 19pts 5rebs and 5asts at 28 years old. This is the kind of player you resign, not give away. Shut him down early and get his signature. Memphis can bounce back straight away next season with the return of Mike Conley and a high  NBA draft pick. If they can somehow get a late to mid first round pick, they are a playoff team again. Players on their list will be Luka Doncic and Miles Bridges. Players who are more seasoned than a ‘one and done’ rookie. If they luck out and get a top three pick, then Ayton or Bagley and a full team blow up should be considered. This year’s 2018 draft, has flat out obvious hidden gems.  

Get Ahead on NBA Buyouts 2018

National Basketball Association Buyouts Isaiah Thomas Tyreke Evans Vince Carter Tony Allen Joe Johnson Derrick Rose Isaiah Thomas might continue in his destructive ways, he could force his way out of Los Angeles. Perhaps IT will accept his NBA role and force a move to a contending team like OKC or others. IT can play, and he does think highly of himself, which is not the same as being arrogant. I cruel said you can not spell SHIT with IT, but that only applies to Isaiah’s defence, who has not learnt how to play defence with his height. Tyreke Evans buyout should not materialise. Tyreke Evans has an expiring contract asset with 19pts 5rebs and 5asts, they could not manufacture a trade, so Memphis is going to pay him and let him go. That is just bad business practice. If Mr Evans gets bought out, expect the General Manager to be fired after the draft or within weeks of the buyout. It is a new NBA GM so burning him is unlikely. Memphis would be openly tanking, to buyout Mr Evans. Vince Carter could go home to Toronto Raptors, but he is needed by Philadelphia Sixers, Cleveland Cavaliers and Oklahoma…

Get AHEAD NBA 2018 Draft Gems
NBA Draft News / February 9, 2018

Potential Secret NBA Draft Hidden Gems Miles Bridges (Sophmore) Grayson Allen (Senior) Hamidou Diallo (Red Shirt freshman) Special Mention Duval a freshman at Duke University. While everyone is obsessed with 1 and done players, the real NBA Draft Gems are in the Juniors and Seniors. In American sports, it is customary by many programs to lie about the player’s age. This practice has happened for decades, I have personally known players to have this happen to them. In trying to ascertain the potential of the player, GM front offices will have to determine who is really 19 and a freshman and who is really 20-21 and has had their age rigged for some years. These players need to be considered with less upside and compared to sophomores and Juniors. If scouts misunderstand this, they will miss out on real gems. Miles Bridges and Grayson Allen were both considered good enough to be one and done. They both appear to be the age that is claimed and are likely to be drafted after the top supposed freshman. These are hidden gems, of the NBA draft, that could have similar upside to the Lottery picks who might not be teenagers. Hamidou Diallo…

Isaiah Thomas works for Lakers

National Basketball Association’s Los Angeles Lakers might be spreading fake news. Reports are they are waiting until free agency 2019. That would leave them with the same problems that they have now in 2018 free agency till 2019 free agency. Also, the players who would be available are different. DeMarcus Cousins is injured and whoever signs him will have him locked down. Lebron James will be a year older and a year closer to retirement. The top players in 2019 will be Embiid, Anthony Davis and Kevin Durant. Which will be available? In my opinion, this fake news is merely being spread to settle the team and increase the value of their assets. If the timeline is being pushed back till 2019, they need to acquire a pick in the 2018 draft. They will need trade assets to get a centre. In the meantime Isaiah Thomas swapped with Julius Randle or Jordan Clarkson would be nice for the Cleveland Cavaliers.