Kyrie Irving be Like DREW
Eastern Conference / October 31, 2017

NBA MVP candidate Kyrie Irving is challenging for the Most Valuable Player awards. He currently leads the league with 17 steals. Mr No Defence is averaging 2.4 steals a game, placing him third on the averages list. How much better of is Kyrie Irving for the Boston Celtics, or is he better off at all? After the losses, we are just not sure he made the right decision. Could Kyrie Irving carry a team? He had to deal with a devastating loss of Gordon Hayward! The Boston Celtics have Jaylen Brown who was exerting leadership qualities throughout the summer league and Al Horford who has previously been a leader of the Atlanta Hawks, so in the end, Kyrie Irving does not have to carry the burden of being the leader. It is clear this total team approach, Brad Stevens leads as the coach, works for the entire Boston Celtics organisation. Their nemesis of the Cleveland Cavaliers are dysfunctional at the moment and lack starting five ball handlers with Isaiah Thomas and Derrick Rose injured.

Charlotte show promise in loss
Eastern Conference / October 28, 2017

James Harden Tipoff Player of the day. Howard’s homecoming looked liked it was going to be sweet for him. Eric Gordon killed it though…. The absence of Chris Paul is not being felt at all by the Houston Rockets. So much so, I would consider trading him already, but you will never get value for him. Charlotte Hornets have had a great start to the season, but as you watch them play the rawness of their team play is obvious. Malik Monk is backing up at point guard, and clearly, he can do that. Monk’s main problem is the awesomeness of his ability. Mr Monk has impressive athleticism, he can get a shot anytime against anyone, he just does not know when to. Mr Monk plays point luck with his decision making. Other problems the Hornets have are 1)they do not play within themselves individually 2)they appear to lack trust in each other, and Dwight Howard is still playing within himself at around 80%. It is always an impressive contribution, but he could give more. On the night his figures were. 19pts 16rebs(7Off) only 33% from the line. Monk needs to learn the pick n roll better, and veterans need…

DeMarcus Cousins extra hair….
Western Conference / October 27, 2017

DeMarcus Cousins has an outstanding game in the absence of Anthony Davis. Tipoff Player of the Day Sacramento Kings threatened to blow out New Orleans Pelicans in the first half; New Orleans coach made the adjustments and brought his team back in the 2nd Half. A coach’s ability to make halftime adjustments shows the real measure of his skills as a head coach. Cousins took 6 offensive rebounds. These second chance opportunities won the day. They gave his team a chance and second opportunities and the constant threat of this big on the boards represented the first phase on transition defence. DeMarcus Cousins Statline 14/25 FG. 8 offensive rebounds, 44 minutes of play. 41 pts, 23 rebs. Pelicans win 114 – 106 DeMarcus finished the game with extra hair on his chest.

Eric Bledsoe wants out now!

Eric Bledsoe’s top 3 teams that need him right now! Eric Bledsoe wants out of the Phoenix suns Cavs, Nuggets and Bucks. What typically happens, is that a team we have not even considered will swoop in and trade for him. Let us take the Cleveland Cavaliers​ first. As high as this team is, it still goes as Lebron James goes. The loss of Derrick Rose is being felt deeply by this group. The Denver Nuggets, have only 2 players and their window of opportunity is about to open. The guards they have at the moment are good, they will become better, but they are not in the team’s development time frame. Denver fans may feel the opportunity is in the future, but they have just signed an ageing Milsap the window is now. The Milwaukee Bucks have Giannis Antetokounmpo, but is that really enough. Could a swap of injury prone stars, Jabari Parker and Eric Bledsoe work well for both players?

Top 5 projected NBA Draft Choices
NBA Draft News / October 24, 2017

The end of season NBA draft is the most important draft for many years. Everywhere the draft is expected to be the next big draft! This is rarely the case but with the Boston Celtics, Cleveland Cavaliers, Philadelphia Sixers and Minnesota Timberwolves have high draft picks. These teams are also expected to make the playoffs. Are there 4 high NBA draft pick players who can contribute straight away and have the upside required? 1 *Cleveland Michael Porter Fr. 2 Phoenix Marvin Bagley Fr. 3 *Boston DeAndre Ayton Fr. 4 Philadelphia Mohamed Bamba Fr. 5 Orlando Luka Doncic Intl. 6 *Minnesota Jaren Jackson Jr. Fr.

NBA Crazy Starts have Crazy NBA statistics
Project Unknown / October 24, 2017

NBA statistic leaders are at their wildest this time of year, averages and totals. The best players in the league are at their freshest and most athletic. What do you think is the wildest statistic? Kevin Durant, who was once ridiculed for his defence while playing for Oklahoma City Thunder is the “block leader” with 3.75. Lebron James is averaging 91% from the line, not the highest but its Lebron lol. Draymond Green is NO3 on the assist leader list at 9assists a game. The highest Scoring team are the Brooklyn Nets at 124 The lowest Scoring squad are the Chicago Bulls at 85 After only 4 games the runaway leader for MVP is Giannis and the most improved player would be D’Angelo Russell.

Kevin Durant taunts NBA Fans
Western Conference / October 23, 2017

Kevin Durant shows of his frustration towards national basketball association fans, giving them the finger. Many were confused as to whether he was showing the middle finger or ringer finger. Either way, the Golden State Warrior player is becoming increasingly emotional. The incident happened in a loss against the Memphis Grizzlies

Anthony Davis Tipoff player of the day
Western Conference / October 23, 2017

Los Angeles Lakers lose to New Orleans Pelicans 119 to 112. Anthony Davis performed like the player he is born to be. 27pts, 17rebs, 3blks and 3stls Pelicans took a 20 point lead, but the Lonzo Ball led Lakers would not give up. Lavar Ball’s son had 8pts, 8 rebs and 13 assists. Lonzo stated that they need a stronger start. At the moment Jordan Clarkson and Kuzma are performing like starters and coming off the bench. The Lakers are not good enough to have starters as support players, similar to what the San Antonio Spurs play. Lonzo is probably going to be an inconsistent scorer for the rest of the season and requires more help. Lonzo Ball is the leader of the lakers on and off the court after 3 games he managed to show this is his play and post-game interviews. The game showed Demarcus Cousins, and Anthony Davis are still finding their feet, but both players contribute actively at the same time. Now it is just about an understanding between them and their teammates.

NBA and injuries
NBA News / October 22, 2017

BREAKING LITERALLY: Milos Teodosic goes down. Milos Teodosic does not have a break and has an MRI scheduled. Adam Silver changed the schedule so that there would be less back to back games. Therefore fewer injuries. It appears the lack of conditioning and sharpness of the pre-season leads to more injuries for the starters. Starters tend to play less in the pre-season as teams work out their rosters, but they still need a certain amount of games to get sharp. What should the over-under be on 50% of the teams losing at least 1 starter to a seasoning ending injury?

Kyrie Irving fined by the NBA
Eastern Conference / October 22, 2017

Kyrie Irving of the Boston Celtics fined $25K by national basketball association for saying”s*** my d***” to a fan who asked him where Lebron is. Lebron James’ ghost will haunt uncle drew from most of the season. Now that Gordon Hayward is out for the entire season, one of the most talented guards in the league now has the time and freedom to become any player he wants. Should the fine structure change in the National Basketball Association? Should it be a percentage of the player’s salary? -AJHEAT