Top 5 NBA Rookies 2018/2019

October 16, 2018

Top 5 based on influence.

There is hope after all!
This year’s excitement was set to be dominated by the Lebron James Lakers show. The pre-season has given us hope, and it appears the GM’s got it mostly right for a change this year’s draft.

Top 5 NBA Rookies based on influence.

DeAndre Ayton
Luka Doncic will be more influential to his team. Ayton is set to become Puma’s lead active sportsperson. His brand could be the most dominant of them all.

Luka Doncic.
He will determine the nature of Dallas Maverick’s season. His lack of lightning pace will prove to be irrelevant in positionless basketball. Off-ball switching and matchup zones will be a feature of teams looking to set flare screens.

Trey Young.
Mr Young who could be paired with one or two of the duke triplets through the Dallas pick. Zion Williamson, Cameron Reddish or RJ Barrett are the Duke triplets.

Jaren Jackson.
This young man will be a solid contributor for the Memphis Grizzlies, but still needs development he could make the most robust in-season improvement.

Kukoc and Doncic are similar players

The waiter?

Marvin Bagley.
Bagley may end up being compared to Kevin Garnett. He is aggressive and influential down low.

Puma signed DeAndre Ayton and Marvin Bagley. They are not as exciting as guards, big men never are. The previous years draft was about perimeter players and this coming year will again be about perimeter players. Puma is smart to get these players as they will be influential in the future.

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